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Here you can request a 3 day Trial license for the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot.

You may only request a trial license once for each Computer ID and you may only request 1 trial license a day.


If you would like a us to E-mail you copy of your Trial license please enter your E-mail address above. If you do not provide an e-mail address your trial license will be discarded after downloading.

A Computer Id is a unique Computer specific code that is required to generate licenses. To obtain your Computer Id you need to install the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot on your Computer first. Once the Bot is installed click Get Computer Id from the main menu of the Bot as shown in the screenshot below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

User Accounts

How do I register?

PokerCheat.org does not have an open registration. User accounts are created automatically after a purchase is made.

Why do I need a user account?

With a user account you will be able to access your downloads and request licenses. Should you lose your purchased profiles or license files you can easily login and download them again.

Do user accounts expire?


I made a purchase where are my login details?

Login details are sent out to the e-mail address that was used to send the payment. If you cannot find the e-mail, first make sure it is not in your spam folder and then

Contact Us

. Please quote your transaction id from your payment receipt when contacting us about this matter.

I forgot my password, how do I recover my account?

You can

reset your password

. After submitting your lost password request you will need to click a confirmation link which will be sent to your e-mail address. After confirming the password reset you will receive another e-mail with a new randomly generated password. Please change the password to something easy to remember as soon as possible.

How do I stop receiving e-mails from PokerCheat.org?

Here at PokerCheat.org we do not believe in Spam. To stop receiving unwanted e-mails first

Log In

to your account and then click "E-mail Options". There you will find several options for the different type of e-mails we send out.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal and Neteller. For Neteller payment instructions please

Contact Us

I have purchased a profile, where is my download?

After completing the payment you will receive an e-mail containing your login details. With your login details you can

Log In

and then click "Downloads" in the user menu. All your purchased profiles will be listed there.

I have purchased a license, where is it?

After completing the payment you will receive an e-mail containing your login details. With your login details you can

Log In

and then click "Licenses" in the user menu. There you will be able to request your licenses and download them.

I already have a user account on PokerCheat.org. If I make another purchase will it be added to my existing account?

Yes, if you use the same E-mail address to send the payment your purchases will be automatically added to your existing account.

Holdem Poker Bot

On which poker sites can I use the Holdem Bot?

The Shanky Holdem Poker Bot currently works on the following poker sites:

• America‚Äôs Cardroom (Winning Poker Network, USA-friendly)
• Black Chip Poker (Winning Poker Network, USA-friendly)
• True Poker (Winning Poker Network, USA-friendly)
• 5 Dimes Poker (Winning Poker Network, USA-friendly)
• Bodog Poker (including Chinese version)
• Bovada Poker (USA-friendly version of Bodog)
• 888 Poker (including Spanish and Chinese versions)
• William Hill Poker (iPoker network, EU license)
• Ladbrokes Poker (iPoker network, EU license)
• Betfair Poker (iPoker network, Danish license)
• Titan Poker (iPoker network)
• Poker770 (iPoker network, Belgian License)
• Bet365 Poker (iPoker network, EU license)
• BetnGo Poker (iPoker network)
• BetFred Poker (iPoker network)
• Paddy Power Poker (iPoker network)
• Everest Poker (iPoker network, includes France room EverestPoker.fr)
• Cake Poker
• Intertops Poker (on the Cake/Revolution Network)
• Sisal.it (Italy-only iPoker software room, bot reads Italian here)
• Titanbet.it (Italy-only iPoker software room, bot reads Italian here)
• Turbopoker.fr (France-only iPoker software room)
• Unibet.fr (France-only iPoker software room)
• 888.es (Spain-only 888 software room)

Where can I download the Holdem Poker Bot?

The latest version of the Holdem Poker Bot can always be downloaded



How do I use the Holdem Poker Bot?

After installing the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot you need to setup your operating system and your chosen poker site before being able to use it. We have easy to follow


which will guide you through the whole process.

Which tables should I play?

It is very important that you manage your bankroll properly. So never play on tables outside of your bankroll. As a general rule of thumb your Bankroll should always be 100 X the buy-in. Some profiles also come with instructions which will tell you exactly on what kind of tables the profile should be used on.


What's a Computer Id?

A Computer Id is a unique six to ten digit code that is generated by the Bot. You will need to send us your Computer Id to request a license.

How do I get my Computer Id?

To obtain your Computer Id you need to install the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot on your Computer first. Once the Bot is installed click Get Computer Id from the main menu of the Bot.

How do I obtain a license?

We offer two types of licenses.

Free 3 day trial licenses


Full 1 year licenses

which can be purchased. You can also get a Full 1 year license for Free by spending $50 or more in

Shanky Profile

purchases. To request a purchased license, first

Log In

then click "Licenses" from the user menu. There you will be able to request your purchased licenses.

I downloaded my license, how do I use it?

To apply the license to the bot simply copy the license file to the installation folder of the bot. Further information can be found in this



I installed the license but the Bot still says "Purchase License"

The "Purchase License" button in the menu bar of the Bot which is located to the left of the "Download Latest Version" button will always be displayed, even if the Bot is licensed properly. However if the Bot says to purchase a license in the main window then the license was not installed correctly. For detailed instructions on installing a license please follow this



When does my license expire?

Purchased licenses are valid for 1 year from the date you request them. If you want to check when a previously requested licenses expires, first

Log In

then click "Licenses" there you will see all your previously requested licenses along with their corresponding expiry dates. We will also send you an e-mail when one or more of your licenses is about to expire. Our

Free Trial licenses

are valid for 3 days from the date you request them.

I tried to request a Trial license but it says License was already requested.

The trial license for the Computer Id you specified was already issued. We only allow 1 trial license request for each Computer Id. If you did not request the trial license and the license that was issued is more than 6 months old, then feel free to

Contact Us

and we will allow a second trial license request for that particular Computer Id.

How long do I have to request purchased licenses?

There is no time frame where you need to request your unused purchased licenses. They will stay in your account for ever so you can request them whenever you require.

Shanky Profiles

What are Shanky profiles?

Shanky Profiles are files that the bot uses to determine how it should play. They contain actions for all possible scenarios in a poker game. The Shanky Profiles are designed by professional poker players and vary in playing strategy. Different profiles are suitable for different game types as well.

How do I download Shanky Profiles?

There are numerous Free profiles on PokerCheat.org. Simply browse around the

Shanky Profiles

section to find them. A download button will appear instead of a purchase button when you find a free profile. Simply click the download button and the profile will be downloaded.

If you have a user account you can download profiles in two ways.

Log In

then click "Downloads", there you will see a list of all your purchased profiles available for download and below that list you will also see all the Free profiles available on PokerCheat.org. Alternatively you can

Log In

and go directly to product page of the profile you wish to download. If you have purchased that particular profile a download button will be displayed instead of a purchase button.

How do I use a Shanky Profile?

To use a Shanky Profile you will need to copy it to the Bot installation folder first. After that you will need to load it by clicking "Read Profile..." in the main menu of the Bot and typing in the name of the profile file to be loaded. Profiles can also be set to load automatically every time the bot is opened. A detailed tutorial on using Shanky Profiles can be found