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SC Shark v2 & Dogfish v2

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SC Shark & Dogfish


v2 & v2


January 18th, 2012





This profile is included in our All Access Pass


SC Shark:

310k+ hands in Shark graphs below. Total won without rakeback on thread graphs with Shark = $650+ at tables and with rakeback at least $130+ on top..... $780+

Shark is a great profile to cut your teeth at botting or start winning if you have been around for a while and not doing so! Once you are ready and have built a roll with Shark you may decide to upgrade!! (see section below)

FT and UB 2c games are supported by this little gem....both FL/NL Here are 50k hands I played with Shark mainly @ UB. In the Shark Hall of Fame below there are some 50k samples posted by other players at various sites.

SC Dogfish:

DOGFISH is the evolution of Shark

When developing using Shark as a starter to beat 5c stakes it quickly became apparent that the fishy tables were at BD (190k $1000+ graph below). I did play at FT for a bit (graph also below) however continued development of DOGFISH @ BD for obvious reasons.


Statistics Thumbnail 1 Statistics Thumbnail 2 Statistics Thumbnail 3


File Contents Screenshot
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