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WebTurboSng Gen2 1.6.7

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WebTurboSng Gen2




March 13th, 2013





This profile is included in our All Access Pass


Introducing a new generation of profile for the Shanky Bot. With “WebSng”, the user can just load the profile into the bot the way it is and let it play a very successful turbo sng style of poker. However, the true beauty to this profile is in the interchangeability. With just a change of a few lines at the top of each street, you can now change how the profile plays in different situations. Program the profile to play loose preflop, tight bubble, loose ITM. Or, Tight preflop, tight bubble, passive on the flop, aggressive on the turn and river. There are a ton of different styles this profile can be programmed to play!! Here is a list of categories that can be changed with a simple uncomment and comment of lines with more to come in the future…

Preflop play before the bubble (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
Bubble play (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
ITM play (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
Shortstack Play (Tight/Loose/Default - Webber Style)
Post Flop Play (Aggressive/Passive/Default - Webber Style)
ITM play (Aggressive/Passive/Default - Webber Style)

The profile is delivered in Txt format for easy modification if desired
It also comes with an instruction manual in PDF form, for easy directions on changing the styles of play.

This profile contains 9200+ lines of code.
Here is a brief description of the default (Webber Style) play:
WebSng plays a very successful sng strategy. In the early stages of the tourney, this profile will play premium hands, and see cheap flops with any pair. It either looks to get into a multiway cheap pot with the speculative hands, or get heads up with the premium hands. This enables WebSng to double up when flopping big!! In the middle stages it will start to loosen up and steal in prime positional spots. Post Flop it will play very aggressive but only C-bet on the right boards. Slow plays when the best situations present themselves. Once blinds increase it becomes push/fold time. This profile pushes in only +EV situations getting into the money more and making a higher ROI. 3 handed and heads up play is incredible!!


Statistics Thumbnail 1


File Contents Screenshot
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