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Here you can request a 3 day Trial license for the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot.

You may only request a trial license once for each Computer ID and you may only request 1 trial license a day.


If you would like a us to E-mail you copy of your Trial license please enter your E-mail address above. If you do not provide an e-mail address your trial license will be discarded after downloading.

A Computer Id is a unique Computer specific code that is required to generate licenses. To obtain your Computer Id you need to install the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot on your Computer first. Once the Bot is installed click Get Computer Id from the main menu of the Bot as shown in the screenshot below.

CID Screenshot
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If you have an account Log in first and your E-mail will get priority.



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Starting the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot

To open the bot just double-click on the generic-looking program icon titled svchost.exe. The default profile (Doodle) loads automatically from the holdem.ppl file, and you should get a confirmation message in the bot window when you first start it.

Default Profile Loaded

We would suggest playing in the 9-max or 6-max No Limit cash games with the default profile since Doodle was designed for those games. Take a seat at a table, any open seat is fine as long as you followed the setup tutorial for your chosen poker room.

Do not tweak the poker room settings so that you are moved from the default bottom center seat position that the poker room places you in, at those rooms that default place you there. The bot can only function properly when you are seated there (you should be moved there no matter which open seat you choose).

For cash games you need to click on the auto-post blinds option at the poker table if that option is available on your selected poker room. After sitting at a table, Wait until you are clearly between hands and then start the bot by clicking Start! on the Shanky Holdem Bot menu bar.

Shanky Holdem Poker Bot Start!

The Shanky Holdem Bot will show a confirmation that it is hooked to the table by displaying your nickname, the table name, poker room and the poker network. When it is your turn to act the bot will read your cards, your position, the number of opponents, and the entire situation and play the hand for you in a manner consistent with expert-level poker play.

Shanky Holdem Poker Bot Hooked

The Shanky Holdem Poker Bot can play up to 6 tables at the same time unless otherwise stated in the setup tutorial for your chosen poker room. To open additional tables for the bot to play on, first take a seat at the new table and then click New Window from the Holdem menu. A new bot window will appear. The second poker table should be in front, if possible, when you click Start! on the new bot window.

Shanky Holdem Poker Bot New Window

You should only have one unhooked table open before trying to hook the bot to a new table. The Shanky Holdem Poker Bot will automatically hook itself to whatever table is open that has no other bot window hooked to it. If you have more than one unhooked table open the bot won`t know which one to hook itself to and you will have to enter the poker table name manually. For this reason, you must open the tables, join them, and hook a bot window to them (by pressing Start! on a bot window) one at a time. Multiple bot windows can be opened in advance, however.

If the bot cannot connect to the additional table on its own, it will ask you for the name of the new table. Be sure to spell it correctly and make sure you capitalize the right letters.

If you have a big screen you should try and position the tables so there is minimum overlap between them. On smaller screens , you should at least position the tables such that the button areas do not overlap. Position the 2nd table window such that it is a little (about two inches) to the right of and a little (about 2 inches) below the 1st table and so on. However, tables do not need to be visible for the bot to work and they can all overlap if necessary.

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